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Welcome to the website of the National Association of Hospital Pharmacy Technicians of Ireland

Founded in 1997 the National Association of Hospital Pharmacy Technicians of Ireland, formerly known as 'National Association of Hospital Pharmaceutical Technicians', is the national voluntary association seeking to both ensure and continually improve upon professional, educational and practice standards for Hospital Pharmacy Technicians.

NAHPT promotes the professionalism of Pharmacy Technicians by means of communication and strategic alliances with other pharmacy stakeholders.

The NAHPT aims to:

  • Increase awareness of Hospital Pharmacy Technicians' value and role throughout the health services sector.G
  • Enhance Pharmacy Technicians' professionalism through communication, continuing education, and networking.
  • Increase credibility through involvement with other professional organisations in the field.
  • Build and maintain alliances with other related members of the health services sector.

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